Tips to Successful Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is becoming increasingly preferred by many. You are probably one of these people and are looking for tips on how you can be successful in this venture. Here are some tips to help you find this success. Your indoor garden will flourish giving your home better aesthetic appeal and the plants give their intended benefits; be it flowers that give a good scent in the home or vegetables you can cook in the kitchen.

Choose the spot where you place the plants wisely

Plants require light and considerably high temperatures and so they need to be placed in an area that ensures they get these. Place plants near windows, doors and other areas where the plants can get the much sunlight they need. Avoid shady areas as these will hinder the plants from getting enough light needed for photosynthesis. Avoid placing the plants on equipment that produce heat such as radiators. However, the exact needs will differ from one plant to the other. For instance, a good place to grow plants that love wet areas like ferns is in the bathroom. Alternatively, you can buy grow room packages online.

Diversify the plants you grow

Do not just grow one kind of plant in your indoor garden. Instead, mix plants of different colors, sizes and shapes. This will make it easy to economize on space while still being able to grow what you need. Once you have decided on what you plant, confirm what their needs are and arrange them so that each gets what it needs for optimal growth.

Bigger containers are better

Do not be fooled into thinking that small plants only require small pots. While this may hold true for some plants it is but a misconception. Big pots ensure that there is a lot of soil hence enough nutrients for the plant. The water retention capacity is also more and there is more space for the roots to grow.

It is up to you to add nutrients and water for the plants to thrive

Unlike an outdoor garden which can be left to be controlled by nature, you cannot just leave an indoor garden to the mercies of nature. It is up to you to provide the plants with the nutrients they need through the addition of fertilizers. Only apply the kind of fertilizer that is recommended and in the recommended amounts. It is up to you to decide whether to use organic or artificial fertilizers.

As for watering your plants it needs to be done often but without overwatering the plants. Only add enough water in the soil to ensure it is moist but not soggy. As to how often you water the plants it will be determined by the temperatures out there. For an outdoor garden watering the soil would be enough but for indoor gardening you need to do more plants require humidity for the leaves to thrive. This is an issue because at times the air in our homes can become too dry. When this happens, get a hold of a spray bottle and fill it with water. Use this to apply the water on the plant’s top parts. You can also choose to invest in a humidifier for the entire room.

How to Grow Potatoes Successfully

Potatoes are one of the best sources of starch. There are many tasty dishes you can prepare with them. What if these potatoes are coming right from your garden? They will be fresh and tasty and you will be sure of what you are getting. The concern that must be in your mind is how to plant potatoes. It is actually very easy. Here are the steps to follow.

1. Prepare the land

Potatoes will do well in areas that have fertile and well-drained soils. A soil that is acidic is more preferred but is not necessary. The land should be prepared before the planting season reaches. To do this, dig the soil deeply and remove all weeds and incorporate lots of organic manure in the soil. The best time to plant potatoes is in early spring. However consider what the soil temperatures since potatoes will only grow when the temperatures reach 45 degrees F.

2. Buy the potato seeds and prepare them

Potatoes are grown from seed potatoes which are potato tubers containing sprouting buds known as eyes. It is best to choose certified seeds as others may harbor diseases that can ruin the entire crop. As for the variety to choose, consult and find out which will do best in your geographical region. Bring the seed potatoes home a week before the planned planting time. Place them in a warm place with temperatures of about 65 degrees F. The sprouts will keep growing till they are 0.25 to 0.5 inches long. They are then ready to be planted. If there are any large seed potatoes cut them into small chunks 2 inches wide. Ensure that every piece has two or more buds. Let the cut pieces sit at room temperature for two or three days.

3. Plant the potatoes

Dig trenches that are about 5 inches deep and 3 feet apart. Plant the seed potatoes 12 inches apart with the sprouts facing upwards. Fill the trenches with soil to cover the potatoes. You can apply potato fertilizer and/or a layer of sulfur to protect the potatoes from diseases. Water the potatoes adequately but do not flood the area.

4. Care as they grow

When the first shoots appear cover them with soil so as to protect them from frost. When the stems reach about 9 inches above the ground after around five weeks, hill the potatoes. This is done by pilling soil around the base of the stems. Have a few of the upper leaves exposed and be sure to hill frequently. Water the potatoes frequently so they have 1-2 inches of water every week. Discontinue watering when the leaves start turning yellow or dying back so the potatoes can start curing.

5. Harvest

The earliest you can start to harvest the potatoes is when the plants first start flowering which is about 10 weeks after planting. These however are only useful in eating. For bigger potatoes ideal for storing leave them unharvested for over two weeks after the leaves wither. This will allow the potato’s skin to form properly. To harvest, dig up the potatoes using a pitch fork trying to avoid injuring the potatoes. For potatoes that will be stored, leave them in a dry place to cure for two weeks and then place them in potato sacks. Store in a cool place.

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